It is just before noon on December 31, 2015 and the weather is weird! Have you heard about that big storm that caused the tornados in Texas and the flooding in Missouri that is heading to the UK? Well you may also have heard it is warming up the north pole to above zero, and it seems we’re getting the heat wave too! It is only -6C here at the moment, which is weird. The ice has melted off the bottoms of the windows, where the condensation freezes, leaving puddles on the windows. I always step outside with Monty (he has frequent bathroom breaks due to the prednisone) because I like getting out for the fresh air. Usually I step outside and cough because the air is so cold it chokes you on the first breath, but no cough today!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.48.53 AM

Looks like it’ll be warm here for a few days!


I took today and tomorrow off for another 4 day weekend. Jeff is at work this morning, so Monty and I had popcorn for brunch while I’m watching this big luxury skyscraper burn in Dubai on the news. Monty loooooves popcorn and we replaced our air popper recently, so we’re back in business! I don’t know if he loves popcorn, or just loves catching it, but it is one of his favourite things to do, and we’re trying to do a lot of these favourite things while he’s still feeling well.

Amazon Shipping Rates

I just got an email that the new Star Wars movie is ready for pre-release purchase on Amazon, so I could be first in line to get a copy for when it is released, but it doesn’t say when. Most of the continent can get free shipping for Amazon purchases over a certain purchase price, or can use their Prime service, but the shipping of a DVD to my town will cost $29, on top of the purchase price. Crazy, eh? We’re considered a remote serviced community, even though we have regular mail service by Canada Post.


Hike with Monty

Took a break to take a nice long hike with Monty. We went up to Robert Service’s cabin, and then took the 9th Avenue trail over to the dog park, and then back home. Here are some iPhone pictures:


Robert Service’ cabin


Here’s hoping all the bears hibernate right through this mild weather


Lots of great benches along the trail






Lots of great outlooks along the trail


Monty and I sat on a bench here for awhile, listening to all the town noises, snowmobiles roaring, kids playing, someone hammering, dogs barking




Me and Monty


The trail goes up and down (my pedometer says I climbed the equivalent of 48 storeys) and ends at the dog park in the north end of town.




The Klondike Spirit in its winter home, out of the river



Grooming equipment for the ice road across the river


Lots of action on the ice road this afternoon, including ice fishing on the left, and snowmobiles pulling sleds. By the time I got home, I saw a paraglider drifting over the river.