This afternoon Jeff and I staffed the concession stand in the Visitor’s Centre which is a fundraiser for the Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Dog Sled Race in March. Dozens of community members bring in stews, salads, soups, casseroles, lasagnas, cookies, desserts, etc. all week which are available for purchase all day and night to the mushers, their teams, the media, visitors, and everyone in the community.

While we were working, there was a bit of a lull in our customer line when Matt Hall came into town in fourth place, so I dashed outside to get a few photos:




Look at this sweet dog who lied down for a nap right away while Matt did his mandatory equipment check, customs check, and interviews.



Here’s his lead dog, who also took a rest 🙂



Here you can get an idea of what their sleds look like. There is a brake in the  middle that the musher can step on.


Off Matt  Hall goes to take his dogs to the dog yard across the river for a vet check and a snooze. I heard that sled dogs like these have been tested, and they are such athletes that they can be completely recovered in 24 hours. It is amazing!


Meanwhile, back inside at the food concession stand, Jeff and another volunteer took care of most of the food sales while I did dishes for 4 hours. The hot water was a little scarce at times, so I had to boil it up in a kettle.

Here I am trying on a fur hat that is for sale with a big selection of other fur gloves, hats, and Percy DeWolfe shirts.


Five teams are in now. Looks like the next wave won’t be until the morning. Jeff is now across the river helping the vets in their vet tent, keeping the fire warm, and the generator on for the vets as they check the dogs and give care to any that need it.

You can follow the live track of the race here. Also, there are many more amazing photos on the Yukon Quest‘s Facebook page.


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