We have a Ski-doo!

Ever since moving here, Jeff has been longing for a snowmobile. He had always heard March was the best month to have one up here, and he wasn’t about to go into his first March in the Klondike without one!

Pick up day – inside the Whitehorse Honda/Ski-doo dealership

We borrowed a trailer from Jeff’s coworker and the folks at the dealership popped the sled right on top with a fork lift.

So shiny and new!


A snowmobile opens up so many new possibilities for adventure and discovery! For instance, the midnight dome above town is pretty much inaccessible as soon as the snow falls (because it isn’t plowed)(unless you want to hike up in the snow), but we’ve now been up there!


We’ve also been up and down the Yukon River near town. We pass so many other people recreating – people on skis, skates, dog sleds, skijoring even! That is when you tie yourself to your sled dogs, strap on some skiis, and hope for the best, haha!

Last weekend we took a trip up the Upper Bonanza Road. Like all the mining roads around here, no much of them are plowed in the winter, so they are perfect snowmobile trails. We went up to the upper trailhead of the Ridge Road trail and then got really ice fogged in and turned around. We saw 9 caribou along the way:


Were the Ridge Road Trail meets the road. A couple outhouses here, picnic table, and a terrific view (when it isn’t ice fogged in)

We had to cross two glaciers which were really cool/terrifying. Water had been seeping all winter on the road and just keeps building up ice, higher and higher. Luckily they were a greenish colour and not covered in snow so we could see them coming so we could creep across.


Unfortunately the GoPro isn’t really behaving in the cold. I’m going to try suction cupping it to the sled next time and see how it makes out.




Here’s a quick video looking around from this point. My better video was lost to GoPro and the cold 🙁

After we got back to town, we stopped for a pop on Front Street, and then headed out on the Yukon river, up river aways.



The back seat is really comfortable, but it can be pretty scary at times. It is like being a back seat driver, with no seat belt, or roof or doors. There are a couple heated grips though for your hands!

Here’s me trying out the driver’s seat on the Yukon River:

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Me driving our new sled on the Yukon River.

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Right now Jeff is out ice fishing on the Yukon River. As soon as we get a skimmer to pull behind (a sled on metal runners), we can plan some overnight winter camping trips!


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