My brother Brian, his wife Leanne, and their children gave us a dog sled adventure for Christmas with B-Line Racing Kennels!

We met Brian, Melissa, and Matt on the ice bridge today at noon and had a great ride!

The dogs are so excited and loud before they get to run!

I strapped my GoPro to my head to video it. It lasted about 40 minutes. The battery just doesn’t last long in the cold. Here is a clip of the start of my ride:

And here are some still shots from my ride:




The dogs just love it! They even poop while they are running, haha! A couple of them ran on their front legs only while they were pooping with their back end!


Matt said most of these dogs have ran the big races. Last year Brian ran both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod!


It was plenty cold on the face and toes, but a bit warm for the dogs who prefer -20C or so, so once in awhile they were ‘dipping’ which means they were grabbing mouthfuls of loose snow on their tongues.


It wasn’t a long run for them, and not that cold, so they didn’t wear booties.


The Yukon River is a spectacular place. There were some nice big cracks and ridges opening up. Everyone’s thinking it will be an early break up this year.


Jeff’s sled was ahead of mine, so we met him after they turned around.



Jeff driving! Jeff driving the dog sled!


If you ever get a chance to go on a dog sled ride, do it!