Recently I visited Dublin, Ireland for a week with my team from work. At our company, we all work from home, around the world, and get together a couple times a year to see each other in person.  I’ve switched to a new team over the winter, so this was my first meetup with my new team.

loved Dublin. What a great place! Everything in the core of town is walkable. The people are so friendly, with a dry wit, eager to tweak you a little bit! Here are a bunch of my photos from the week. I’m eager to go back some day, and to explore more of the country. While working on my family tree recently, I see I’m 50% Irish, most of whom came over during the potato famine. I have so many names and dates and places that I’d love to explore a little more.

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Dublin, Ireland

GuiNness Tour

No trip to Dublin is complete without a tour of the Guinness factory! At the end of the tour, you can either take a lesson on pouring the perfect Guinness, or you can go to the top floor and look out over the city while you drink a pint. I chose to go to the top for the view.

Irish Whisky Museum

I really enjoyed the Irish Whisky Museum. It is a new, independent museum, without a tie to any of the local distilleries. For the first part of our visit, we learned the history of whisky in Ireland, and then got to sample 4 different whiskies and have our say on how they tasted.

Then, as a special arrangement for our group, their head whisky man gave us a lesson on how to mix two drinks, an old fashioned, and a whisky sour. He tasted each of whisky sours, and voted me the second best. Woo hoo! (Nothing like 7 shots of whisky over a couple hours either!)


A few of us really wanted to see some of Ireland outside of Dublin, so we took a tourist bus to Glendalough, which was about 90 minutes away. The area is known for an Early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St Kevin. We walked around the ruins, and the cemetery, and then around a lake. Beautiful day! Well, until the ice pellet storm hit as we were waiting for our return bus!

Stay tuned for my photos for a quick side trip to Glasgow, Scotland!