Today we saw 3 moose, at least 20 caribou, over 20 sheep, dozens of ptarmigan, a porcupine, and a few bunnies!


Here is a small moose south of Dawson City. If you look close you can see he has little antler stubs.20160507-DSC_0002

Here’s a waddley old porcupine.20160507-DSC_0014

Jeff went fishing for a bit while I darted my eyes around on bear patrol.


By the time we got up to the Tombstone Territorial Park’s Interpretive Centre, about 70 kilometres up the Dempster Highway, there was quite a bit of snow still on the ground and tons of it on all the Tombstone peaks.


Actually so much snow that while standing here at this look off, it started to snow.20160507-DSC_0025

We weren’t intending to drive this far, but we kept going, and when we stopped to photograph a ptarmigan, we noticed a lot of sheep up on the slope! These are likely Dall sheep. Just another couple of weeks until they should have baby sheep with them!




This was the first time we saw so many ptarmigan! Likely because they are mostly still white and really stand out. I can see why hunting season has closed for them! They make the funniest noise!




They think they are still camouflaged, so they’ll stand near a clump of vegetation, but they stand out and are really easy to spot. We saw dozens of them, flying around, walking on the road, and just hanging out in the woods.


I didn’t get a picture of one, but the bunnies, which are snowshoe hare, are much more brown than they were even last week. Soon enough, like the ptarmigan, they’ll be hard to spot again!


We saw caribou in a few places too!20160507-DSC_0081


And two more moose! Jeff thinks this female might be carrying a baby moose. She was pretty big!20160507-DSC_0093



We tried to get to Jeff’s fishing spot where he caught the grayling last year, but the river make a lake of the trail to get there, and it was full of ducks!20160507-DSC_0112

We turned around when we got about 110 kilometres up the Dempster and saw two moose. This is either the one we had just photographed, or her buddy, because they were close together. This one looks smaller though.