On Sunday Jeff went on his solo caribou mission, but when he came home he was quick to tell me not to read anything into what he was going to tell me.

He lost his wedding ring!


Somehow it was gone. He was riding the new ATV, and thinks he likely lost it one of the times he pulled his hand out of his glove. He knew he had it in the morning, but not when he got back to the truck.

He showed me this picture, and said it is out there somewhere:


So Monday of the long weekend, we were off on a treasure hunt! Good thing we have a metal detector!20160905-dsc_0001

The fall leaves were really beautiful here too!




This is where my adventure ended. From here on in, it is steep and accessible via all-terrain vehicle only (unless you really want to beat up your truck).


So I stayed with the truck and had lunch by this little river, surrounded by old gold mine tailings.



Jeff headed up the trail with the metal detector.



He came back in 90 minutes and said “Nope”, didn’t find it.


We were so sure he’d find it! Why wasn’t it there? Did someone else find it? Or did a raven spot it? Did he not lose it at one of the places where he stopped the day before? Ahhh!

Feeling sadder than we thought we would have, we both thought about the suckiness of losing his ring, and headed home.






Jeff is feeling like he has another treasure hunt in him though, and is planning on going back this weekend to search again! I wish we had two all-terrain vehicles so I could help hunt for it!