More northern lights photography testing with the GoPro

I took the GoPro down to the river bank tonight around 10pm. I don’t know if this was more a test of my personal bravery for going down to the river in the dark (don’t tell Jeff, he’s out of town), or a test of the GoPro 😉

I’m wanting to master capturing the northern lights with the GoPro because it is a million times less finicky and frustrating that using a camera and tripod and remote when it is cold and dark.

I’m not pleased with any of these. There was just way too much light pollution, so next time I’ll go over the dyke down to the actual river. But this time, it was really dark and quiet, and I’m kinda chicken.


I saw some pink and red auroras over the river like I’ve never seen before. But they were gone before I left the house, so I can prove nothing.










I will learn from these and I will do better next time, promise! I will also try time lapse too.


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  1. Lisa, I am just LOVING your blogs… did a great job on those go-pro photos tonight….I’ll be waiting for more …..thanks a bunch, girl!!!

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