Jeff has a horrible awful cold, so I wandered to the grocery store again on this Sunday morning to get him cough medicine. img_9173

This is about 10:30am. -10°C Definitely hat and mitts weather! The sun doesn’t shine on our house until around 11:30am now. Sometime in November it’ll stop shining on town all together until January.img_9174

I had heard the Yukon River has had some slush on it in the morning, but I keep forgetting to check, so that was my first stop this morning!img_9175

The river is very low right now. It has slowed a bit too, maybe due to the lower water level, or maybe it is even frozen north of here already. img_9176

There is slush moving down the river now. And ice along the edge. A cloud was hanging low right over the river to the south.img_9177


Our turkey is in the oven. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Jeff is hoping he’ll feel well enough to go moose hunting tomorrow, so today will be our turkey day. We’ve got a 15 pounder in the oven, with dressing. Jeff is napping through the end of the NASCAR race, then I imagine we’ll have the pleasure (yuck) of watching football. Jeff bought me a new book called “Their Own Yukon” which is a book of photos and history of the First Nations people that live here. I’m going to dig into that this afternoon and skip the football.


I was joined on my wander home from the store this morning by a boy, probably 9 years old or so, who was sent to the store for flour. I just love how children here aren’t afraid of adults, or of going to the store on their own. This must be such a safe, carefree place for a child to be raised. He changed my name to Lucy Lou and aimed to annoy me by making loud crazy noises, stopping just to ask if I was annoyed yet. When I said I wasn’t, he said I was a tough nut to crack. He was asking which house I lived in, because the town is small enough that people know where everyone lives, usually by the colour of the house and the general area of town.


I love living like this, walking to the store for just an item or two at a time. There is no traffic. The store is small. I don’t need to drive there.  This town is really my utopia. Where else would a young kid be in the check-out in front of you, and turn and ask if you we’ve met yet!?


Here’s a couple pictures from inside the store I took a month ago. I should take a few more so you can see what a grocery store looks like that isn’t a big huge modern box with a big parking lot.


We actually have two grocery stores. I’ll get some pictures of both of them someday soon.img_8886

I also received a request for more wildlife pictures, so I’ll see what I can do! I haven’t ventured out of town lately because Jeff has been going hunting with the truck. I support the hunt, and eat the meat, but know I better not be there when a moose goes down because I’m a softie.