The city is plowing the roads!

Other than a couple of the main streets, Dawson City doesn’t plow much in the winter, since we don’t get much snow at once, it is dry, and it all packs down into a nice snow concrete.

However, since the town is on permafrost, there is no where for any water to go when it melts, so they plow it up in the spring and truck it away before it melts!

Here’s the scene as I went to hunt down some Buckley’s cough syrup. Everybody is sold out! I guess I’m not the only one who picked up a cold in Vegas? 😀 Or maybe everyone is feeling rough after our Thaw Di Gras weekend (spring carnival).

For the curious, it got up to -5C today, but we’ve been -20 to -30 each night still. The sunset today is 8:32pm! The darkness of winter has long lifted!

For kicks, here’s last year’s big plow up: