The first growth here in the spring is the sudden emergence of the Prairie Crocus. Aren’t they breathtaking?

We found these up on the Midnight Dome – the peak behind town where you can look off in every direction.

It is a cold and windy April evening. We had the furnace off for a couple days, but the brisk north wind today made me turn it back on, and dig out a toque again!

I think we shouldn’t take selfies anymore. But then you’d never see our faces in the same picture.

See the town in the above picture? Way way down below. One year I’m going to hike my way up to the top instead of drive. Not sure it’ll be this year, but someday, I’m going to do it!

River ice is still in place. Water level is low. Seagulls are soaring. I still think breakup is a week away at least. People are still crossing the river on foot, bicycle, ATV, and snowmobile. Not this kid. I’m an ice chicken.