What a night!

We started out at Klondike Kate’s for a good supper.

A good supper always needs a good drink.

I tried to encourage everyone to order the best thing on earth, the Chicken Little, but no takers! Just me 🙂

Look at the beautiful thing!

After our delicious meal, we debated what to do next.

I had drafted up a huge list of things they have to do while they are in town.

One of them was to hear Dwayne play the piano at the Downtown. So we went to the Downtown. And what happened next was legendary.

We convinced Mom and Julie they’d regret it forever if they didn’t join the Sourtoe Cocktail club.

Jeff bought us each a shot of liquor for the toe and we got ourselves in line for toe time.

The toe captain, John, was filling in for the famous toe captain Terry. He was excellent!​

He knew just want to do to encourage the ladies.

While we waited for Dwayne to finish his last set, the toe line quickly formed behind us. The Toe Captain prep’d us for the next steps by passing around the toe rules.

Jeff was up first. It’s probably only been a week or so since he did it last so he did it like an old pro.

I was next. I’ll add a photo of me here later from Jeff’s phone.

Then it was Julie’s turn! Here’s a video:

[videopress yWXJRmUc]

And here’s a video of Mom joining the Sourtoe Cocktail club!

[videopress MbfaWDWx]

Since we were on a real high, and getting good and stroking things off their Dawson City bucket list, we walked over to Gertie’s for the 10pm show. It was Gertie’s night off, but her understudy did a decent job. A couple from Manitoba who did the toe with us sat with us for a few more drinks.

Then, since I made this ridiculous pledge that I’d walk 10,000 steps every day Mom and Julie are here, to make up for the extra drinks and good food, they walked home, and I walked around town until my Fitbit said I could go to bed.

What a night!