Winter moved in over the last week!

The first few days of snow melted mostly during the day.

The sunrise is around 9:30am now, but the direct sun already doesn’t hit town until the afternoon because of the hill behind town. The morning usually has a low cloud hanging over town. The sun sets around 6:30pm now. Crazy that in just two months from now we’ll be at the winter solstice already!

After Jeff left town for a few days of work meetings, the snow continued falling, not melting during the day. It’s crazy how fast winter comes here. You don’t have time to fight it. At first it seems crazy to pull out your mittens and toque already, and within a couple days you’re wondering where your long johns are.We don’t have that much snow yet, but I jumped into snow shovelling. And now I have a sidewalk to shovel at this house!
And the front stairs and porch.And path around the house. And back deck. And parking spots, and garage. I have no idea where we’ll put the snow this winter. We’re using all the available space! Good thing we don’t really get that much snow here.Hank loves the snow. Mostly eating it. Here he is begging for my kale salad at lunch a few days back. He’s 28 pounds now at just 3.5 months!He didn’t seem to know why the frisbee kept disappearing at first, but he figured it out.Jeff and Hank both give me this look:It was -14C on Friday evening and by Saturday there was ice and slush flowing down the river.The ferry is scheduled to operate for another week before it will be pulled out of the river and secured safely on shore until next spring.Every 2-3 days we meet Hank’s brother Griff at the dog park for an hour or so of fun (which gives us at least 12 hours of a tired puppy, which is amazing). Mostly they chew on each other and trip each other and chase each other. Hank’s a bold little guy, he leaps on everything, climbs anything, and likes the seesaw. Here’s a video where he jumps on the seesaw: