It’s below -20°C now and will be staying below -20 (-4F) until next week! Pretty good for early November!

We had a sky full of northern lights tonight. Horizon to horizon, east to west, stripes and swirls across the sky. Pink, green, and purple!

While I was outside with Hank,  I took a few photos with my iPhone and was surprised they actually showed a bit of it, rather than just darkness.

I decided it was too cold and I was too tired after working late to get the camera and tripod out, so I came inside.

30 minutes later I couldn’t take it and decided I’d at least get the GoPro out. I went outside to total darkness. No northern lights.


Minutes later they reappeared, but just on the northern horizon. Here are a few interesting shots from the GoPro with some of our streetscape included.

I just went back out with Hank and the stripes are waving across the entire sky again. Next time I’ll gear up and go somewhere with a better view to get some better pictures.


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