We were low on dog food, and the weather was mild, so we decided to zip down to Whitehorse on the weekend for a shopping trip. This was Hank’s first road trip, first time in the city, and first night in a hotel.(Hank hasn’t figured out how to lift a leg yet, so he does a super squat and lean.)
Hank was a pretty annoying puppy on the ride down, jumping over the seat into the front over and over. But on the flip side, that meant he didn’t nap once, so by night time, he was real sleepy!Shopping in Whitehorse feels a bit like looting. For some reason, I always feel like we’re in a terrible hurry, running through a store, throwing things in a cart, stashing it in every nook and cranny in the truck, and then wondering what we’ve ended up with as we drive home.

A puppy complicates things a bit, since we had to leave room in the back seat for him, and we weren’t sure we trusted him not to eat the truck if left unattended. So we took turns running into different stores, sometimes doing a tag team and swapping. Hank was good though, and only ate a muffin wrapper when unattended.

He was really good in the hotel too, and didn’t bark like my goldens in the past did. He was squealing for a bit in his kennel but after a few harsh words from me, he went to sleep and didn’t stir until 6am.

Whitehorse had rain though, and it was just at freezing temperatures and everything was slick and icy. I had thoughts we’d be hiking the trails with him, but even just the sidewalks were super treacherous. I was already nursing whiplash from falling hard a couple nights before, so Hank didn’t see much of town.

On Sunday just before noon, we headed for home. The road was okay, icy near Whitehorse, but we had Jeff’s big truck, and winter studded tires.We made plenty of pit stops on the way home for Hank, his meals, and bathroom breaks (okay a bunch of those pee stops were for me).This is just quarter after noon – the sun isn’t too high in the sky in December in the Yukon!

I love stopping at the Montague Roadhouse, and wandering around the old place. 

The old windows make neat frames for real live pics!

Doors too!

This is the old frozen meat storage cabin behind the old roadhouse.

The old roadhouse has no roof because it was removed in the 1950’s and moved to another roadhouse. This particular roadhouse was used until the 1940s. Here’s 1:15pm, getting darker.

Here’s 4:19pm, after the sunset, but still isn’t quite dark. And here’s Hank today, happy to be home, away from the crazy city with its ice and puddles and traffic. He’s 5 months old now, and 42 pounds!


Lisa (Verkley) Schuyler is a blogger reporting live from her new home in Canada's Yukon Territory. Often found wearing a hoodie, covered in pet hair, Lisa is a mis-placed forester who now spends her days engineering happiness for WordPress users. Lisa loves nature, animals, and most importantly, her handsome husband Jeff.

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