Jeff spoiled me silly with a new camera for my birthday!

It’s a Nikon D500 and I do not have it mastered yet. I don’t even know what all the settings do yet. But I couldn’t stand having it without using it.

So, -30 something C or not, today I went for a walk.

There are a few tricky things to playing with a new camera in winter:

  • no sunshine
  • it’s really f’n cold

I upgraded Adobe Lightroom to process these, but still they aren’t right. They look different in each of my big external monitors and I don’t know which one is right. I tried to remove the blue of winter, yet in the other monitor, they are still way too blue. Can’t win.

The exposure was terrible in a bunch of them. I think it is because I had the silly Auto ISO setting still on that Dad warned me about. And because we don’t get direct sunlight now so I think when I’m processing them, I’m trying to turn them into sunny summer pictures when it just wasn’t.
My mission was to walk around town and take a bunch of shots so I can look at them and learn my camera settings, and take some online tutorials to learn how to tweak and use this new camera.Since there is a half decent chance you didn’t get to walk around Dawson City today, I’ll share them here, in no order what so ever. Hmm, the town clock is still wrong. These pictures are all from 12:30pm to 1:15pm

The auto focus is fast and astonishing really. There are so many areas where it is focusing. I can zoom in quite far on any picture and still see incredible detail.

Even spotted my neighbour walking home with groceries. This time of year, you really have to recognize people by their coat because there isn’t much else to go by 🙂

Here’s your photographer when she got home.