I’ve been tackling the steep learning curve of my new camera by fiddling with one thing and then the next. Lately I’ve been really stuck on it’s Auto ISO feature. Every time I think I have it figured out, I realize I was wrong and try again. It isn’t so much an automatic setting, as one that will adjust your chosen ISO by overriding when necessary. Figuring out how and when it works is, for whatever reason, something I’m set on understanding and mastering, since it seems to really be messing with my photos. I could, however, just turn it off, which I’m sure I’ll likely do.

I took a walk with Hank a few weeks ago, and I had the ISO setting entirely wrong, so the ISO cranked itself up and the pics are all grainy. I really wanted to show this one though, so you can see as the sun returned to town, how quickly it can melt the snow off the trees. See the sun line up on the hill past town? It has snowed since then, so the snow is back on the trees, but isn’t that neat?

I’ve got a terrible cold and Hank is still wearing a cone (last day!) so I took photos from the house today to play with settings. Here are a couple of my model:

And a couple of the bank across the Yukon River, as shot through my front window, with my zoom lens, around sunset.

I’ve been an automatic setting shooter since I used my dad’s hand-me-down film SLR camera. With this new Nikon D500, I can really configure and play with things to deeply learn how and when I want to use settings. I’ve never had to really understand what a camera was doing before, I just pointed it and took pictures.

I switched the focus button to a button on the back of the camera, removing it from the shutter release, and I love it like this. It already feels natural.

The focus has so many options too, that I haven’t got a perfect picture of Monty yet, focused exactly how I want. I can focus one spot, or many, and use the still setting, or the moving one. Every weekend I go back to YouTube and watch more tutorials. I haven’t taken a good photo with the new camera yet, but I better hurry up and get better because the Yukon Quest is just around the corner, followed by a quick trip to Lisbon, Portugal next month for work!