Life is so good I can’t even dream up a complaint.

First, on Monday, Clint Bowyer won a NASCAR race. We’ve been cheering for Clint as our favourite driver since 2013… and he hadn’t won a race since 2012. What a day! NASCAR is one of the few … maybe only? … sports/competitions we follow as a couple, and we’ve been to a couple races. It is a nice, family oriented sport, and seeing Bowyer with his son after he won was pretty neat.

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We race for these moments ❤️

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In my work life, I have switched teams and am now focusing on supporting our enterprise clients and partners for VIP. It wasn’t a move I saw coming too far in advance, but one that feels right so I’m pretty excited about work and the future.

Also on Monday, Jeff got safely home from a 4 day bison hunting trip. His snowmobile broke down 75 km away from his truck, where they were hunting in snow that was thigh high, and the temperatures were -40C at night. But as a smart hunter, he wasn’t hunting alone, and they were able to get it going long enough to get back to the truck to leave on Monday. While they weren’t successful on their hunt, they learned a lot and are already thinking up plans for future hunts.

On Wednesday evening, we went to the local trivia night at the Eldorado bar as a fundraiser for our local radio station. Our team was victorious and won! Throughout the winter, there have been trivia nights every couple of weeks, which is a really great break to the normal routine of winter hibernation and early nights. I think that was my first week on the winning team!

The days are suddenly so long here, that it isn’t dark until after 10pm now. The streets are being plowed and cleared of snow and ice. The sun is so warm and bright in the afternoons. Soon we’ll be bidding on the river break up day and time!

This Easter weekend has been a fun one. I watched the Yukon set of films on Friday evening at the Dawson City International short film festival. These always seem to range from the fabulous, to the outrageous, to the “oh please stop trying to be so artsy, I can’t take another second of this” and this year was no exception.

For an Easter dinner, we cooked up a delicious ham and had a hash brown casserole, a feast fit for 15 people! So with just the two of us, we’ll have plenty of left overs 😀

On Saturday we went to see some medieval battles at Gertie’s on the stage. I knew we had some people locally who did these medieval fights, but honestly I thought they were fake battles. Wow was I wrong! They were WAILING on each other with swords (they were in metal armor). They were raising funds for some of the team to represent Canada internationally! The leader was actually a guy, Jose, who I first saw on tv. He was on the Alone TV show a couple of years ago where he was one of the people stranded on their own, left to survive alone, until they tap for rescue.

Today we were out at a friend’s gold mine and shot some guns, blew up a washing machine, and sat around a roaring fire. Good times!

We’ve had Hank to the dog park almost every day for a good long run and play with his brother, or sister, or both!

Some days we were even able to wear him out completely!

It is so nice to have some nice moments with Hank now, when he isn’t a terribly annoying puppy. He’s 61 pounds now, and just about 9 months old. I can see there is a good dog in there, just a few years from coming out. HAHA!