Jeff is heading back to Whitehorse for a week for work, and since my new quad needs a mandatory servicing at 240 km, we figured we better go for a ride yesterday!

We went out of town on Bonanza, and then went up on Upper Bonanza which is still closed for the season.Up at the trail head for the Ridge Road trail, there was still some snow, and the breeze was noticeable cooler.My quad had a weird noise in the right front, so Jeff took it for a quick spin to check it out.He thought it was a rock in my disc brakes or something. It sure is muddy, eh? Time to buy a power washer now! hahaOr buy 3 minutes of wash time for a few loonies!

Now it has closer to 270km on it and is on its way to Whitehorse. I’ll be solo dog-parenting Hank this week. Ahh! Wish me sanity!

Oh, by the way, the Yukon River hasn’t gone out yet. The water level is so low, the river is just rotting away with no thundering breakup or ice jams. For the latest view of the river, see