Here’s my July summed up in one second video snips!

Can’t believe it is already August! We’re getting darkness for a few hours at night now and the August rains have started. I feel like summer was two weeks long! I barely got a tan, just a few freckles!!

I’m feeling pretty good. Pulled another muscle in my side though. It’s still hard to move around on my back while all my abdominal muscles rebuild, and I was just trying to pull a pillow out from under my head while lying on my side and pulled something. So pathetic, ha!

Overall I’ve been in a fabulous mood this week. I’ve got my chemo schedule in place now, starting my first round on the 15th. Just knowing when and where, and what to expect has taken away most of the concern and worry. I can do this. Even if I’m going to feel miserable for a few (24+) weeks. I’ll get through it. Just like how I got through tree planting, brush sawing, cleaning a garbage dump, swinging a brush axe. Every shitty job, every shitty moment, every hard, miserable day. I’ve survived every miserable moment I’ve ever had, so I can survive a few more.

They want me to spend a couple nights in Whitehorse. I’ll have some blood work the day before and do a intro session with the team. I think this is when I’ll get the prescriptions for the truck load of pills for the side effects. The chemo will be 4-5 hours on the 15th and they want me to stay in town that night too, just in case I have any serious reactions to any of the drugs. I guess this makes sense since it is a long drive back home with little to no services along the way. So we’ll head home the morning after, and my dad should be arriving sometime around there for a visit.

Here are some pictures from the last week:

Smoke from forest fires northwest of here drifted in most evenings this past week. Here are a few shots from up on the dome.  The forest fire smoke gives everything an orange tinge, as you can see in the next ball park photo.Not only did I get up to the dome for the first time in months, I did it as a passenger in Jeff’s bumpy big F250 that I haven’t been able to ride in for a couple months, and I’ve started tagging along to the dog romps again. I can’t take Hank myself since I can’t hold the leash yet, but I’m able to stand for much longer than I could before. 

My coworkers have been sending me notes and cards and gifts and pick-me-ups. ❤️ I work for the best company in the world! I actually spent an afternoon in front of the TV this week colouring! My friend and coworker sent this amazing colouring book! Lots of “fucks” and “shits” to colour in this one! Love it!

With just a week and a half to go before the chemo treatment starts, I’ve been trying to live it up, the most a person can when they are still healing! We’ve eaten out a few times this week and went to a BBQ at a friends place for FIVE hours! I’m trying to pack it all in!

Jeff’s out ATV’ing with our friends this afternoon. I’d so love to out there on mine, but even just coughing and sneezing is still quite uncomfortable, so I guess I shouldn’t be out on the bumpy trail banging my insides about just yet. Here’s hoping for a good day before the snow flies so I can get out there again.