Here’s my video recap of September, in one second snips.

New fridge!

The fridge that came with this house was fairly new, and worked well, but it was so annoying! It was a basic white fridge, freezer on top, no bells or whistles. It was short. We always lost things to the moldy beyond because we couldn’t see them, unless we were bent over, or were sitting on the floor. How many times did I bump my head trying to bend over and reach things! I guess I’m just too old now to bend over for my food!

With winter coming, and knowing it isn’t ideal for getting a new fridge delivery for the next … well many months.. we bit the bullet and ordered a new fridge. And went totally overboard!

We got the biggest fridge we could, since we had no space limitations with our new kitchen configuration. It has an ice and water dispenser, which is so awesome! Both cubed ice and crushed! I use ice all day in my water bottle and the water dispenser is ideal for a glass of filtered water in the middle of the night! And talk about bells and whistles, this thing has wifi with an iPhone app to message me when the fridge needs me!

Of course, the fridge is so big, that we (Jeff) had to remove the doors from the fridge in order to fit it through the door to our house!

New fridge after delivery

Nice eh?
There, all moved in!

What else is going on

People have been so kind and generous. So many gifts, messages, notes, and texts. How do I ever thank people? Recently I’ve received some really nice hats and caps, handmade, sewn, and knit ones. I love every one of them! I hope some of these still fit as toques once I have hair again. I switch head caps so many times a day, I’m glad I’m getting a good collection of colours and types. Except they only last on my head until I get a sweaty hot flash from this surgical instant menopause nonsense, so I have hats thrown in every room and surface now. 

A couple things that I really had to share here while I’m blogging – my coworker Pam sewed me a cardigan, and sewed a matching HANKerchief for Hank!

Also, my coworker Dan drew a picture of Hank! Look at this! It is so amazing. He’s so talented!


Also, someone has sent me a beautiful box of soaps from the Rocky Mountain Soap company in Alberta. But there was no card with it so I don’t know who you are! I love them, they smell amazing, and I’m well into the Juicy Orange bar right now. Whoever you are, you must know how often I need to wash my hands when I’m considered “immuno-suppressed!”. Thank-you for thinking of me!

Today is day 9 of this third chemo round. I’m finally starting to bounce out of the worst stuff today. My vision is improving and I’ve got some energy so I was able to get out of the house a couple times and make supper! This round has definitely been harder, both mentally, and just all the weakness and lightheadness. This time I didn’t leave the house for several days in a row, which I think also makes me feel worse. 

Meanwhile, the weather has been fabulous – bright sunny days and nice sunsets. It’s been quite cool at night already – -8 or -10C or so, so I make a fire first thing in the morning and then we coast on that heat during the day, and let the oil monitor heater keep the house around 15C while we sleep. The frost has been sticking around on the deck all day, so I’ve also had to be extra careful when I’ve got fuzzy eyes, a light head, and numb tingly feet!

I love our town this time of year. The tourists have gone, and the summer people have mostly left. I recognize faces again, town isn’t so busy, more relaxed, and friendly. It’s just a really nice time of year, heading into Thanksgiving, and I’m thankful I am here to appreciate it, and not already in Vancouver. Soon enough!