Well I was bummed about having to wait a couple weeks for radiation treatment to start, but this past week was a real gift!

Just on Sunday or Monday, the light-headedness, and tunnel vision when I stood up disappeared all at once. Finally I can jump to my feet and not fear falling on my face! I have just some lingering bone pain twinges and weakness from the last chemo round, but I feel good! I even shovelled some snow yesterday.

I’ve been home in Dawson and have been able to hang out with friends, go to trivia night at the pub, have a couple beers, attend a house concert, and even give out candy on Hallowe’en night!

And the flight timing this weekend is perfect so I get to go to the annual auction night fundraiser for our local museum on Saturday, which is one of the highlights of our fall, before I fly out on Sunday.

Then on Monday I start daily radiation treatments, aiming to prevent any cancer from coming back. Here’s hoping I have few side effects and can breeze through the 25 treatments!

October recap, a second at a time

Here’s my monthly recap video!

Hank stealing the show again this month

More pics

Ain’t no fire like a pallet fire
House concert – The New Customs – really good folk music!
Brief video of The New Customs
Snow has returned to cover the ice!
Hank waiting for trick or treaters

Off to city life

It’s -20 C right now. Looks like I’ll get to feel -30 C before I head to tropical, rainy, Vancouver. I won’t be back home until mid December. Here’s hoping I adapt to city life and won’t be a cranky pants roommate to my friend who’s graciously letting me stay with her.


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  1. Glad you are so much better. Please let me know if you want a visitor , meet for lunch if you are up to it.. safe flight down – Jeff & HANK will miss you. Rainy & 55 – 60 degrees down here. Bring warm weather CLOTHES & rain gear!!

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