Two more radiation treatments and then I can FINALLY GO HOME!!

I’m so eager to go home.

I’m managing the best I can, and my radiation oncologist is really pleased with how I’m doing. We had a nice sit down this week and she looked me deep in the eyes and said, now you need to know that you’ve done everything you can do to stop the cancer from coming back. From here it is no longer in your hands. It is up to god or whoever is in charge. You’ve done all you can do.

She also told me to thank all my supporters because I wasn’t doing this alone.

So thank you.

As for how I am really doing? Well I need everyone to stop eating garlic. And stop frying onions. Stop eating around me. Stop cooking near me. I’m so gaggy! Garlic is the absolute worst. I swear I can smell it a block away. One whiff and the next second I’m gagging and dry heaving. If I have eaten recently, it’s going to be bad. How I am still spending two hours of my day on public transit, I’ll never know. I spent a lot of time breathing through my sleeve, and sucking on strong peppermints, and now at the advice on my oncologist, strong ginger chews. I have only once puked IN my sleeve, and thankfully I was in the apartment where I’ve been staying.

With some daily probiotics and a drastically reduced diet, I’ve got the terrible bowel side effects managed. I can eat almost nothing. I’m down to white bread. Pudding. Apple sauce. Rice. Sometimes chicken. And candy/chocolate. Whew, lucky for candy! I drink one of those Ensure (or is a Boost) nutritional replacement shakes for breakfast, just to get something in me.

My stomach almost always makes really loud noises you could hear across a room. Not hunger, just, angry noises. Sometimes it feels like my skin is burned on the inside. My abdomen can’t handle my laptop resting on it, or any other sources of heat. It is just all together a grumpy abdomen. 

But I’m managing the side effects. I’ve never been away from Jeff so long though. He video calls me every day which may be the best thing ever. I was worried we’d be short-fused and cranky apart from each other. I think the video chats have helped immensely because I can see and hear him, and Hank, and sometimes Sally the cat. I can see inside the house. I long to be there, and in a week I will be!

Jeff is meeting me in Whitehorse next week at the airport. I have some appointments in Whitehorse, and then we’ll drive home a couple days later. When I see Jeff again in the airport, how do you predict I’ll react? Take this fun poll:


My mom and brother came out for a long weekend to visit me. We spent a day with my cousins too. Here are some pictures from their visit:

I wasn’t much of a tour guide, couldn’t go far from the hotel, need naps, was grumpy, and couldn’t eat much, but hopefully they didn’t regret their visit. 

November Recap video

Here’s my recap video for last month! My November in one second snippets.


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4 Replies to “Two more!

  1. So glad that you can see the light at the end of this part of the journey!!! It will be so nice for you to be back with Jeff and hank and sally and back to the comfort of your own home!! And just in time for Christmas ❤️
    We should visit and I can tell you all the ways to make cheese and bread fancy!! That is a staple around here lol. Sometimes the boys ask for cheese, bread with ketchup and mustard so when you think you can stomach that you can give it a try as the twins recommendation lol and let me know what you think as I refuse to try it!!
    Best of luck for your last 2 treatments and the travel days home! 😘 love you!

  2. Your mom is ADORABLE and looks just like you. With more hair. hee hee!

    I think you left “barf” or “gag” off your poll – unless he knows not to eat garlic for a week ahead of time!

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