Today was the first day of direct sunshine on our house since the fall. It is so bright and beautiful! I had to mail a parcel so here are a couple quick shots while I was out of the house.

The January sunshine is so bright, and it is really weird how you can’t stop staring at it. Like you crave it, and forget you aren’t supposed to continuously stare into it, all at the same time. Or maybe it is just me 😀

My hair

I’m buzzed to the scalp again. My hair has been hurting for days and this morning every bit of hair I grabbed in my fingers fell out, so Jeff buzzed me short again.

It should all fall out in the next couple of days, but hopefully now that it is just stubble, I won’t notice it all over my clothes and pillows.

December recap

I keep forgetting to post my December one second a day video recap! Here it is!

I still like this 1SE day app I use to make these. It also can generate a recap video of the entire year and I really like how it can make you re-live all the memories of the past year.

Happy Birthday Dad

A very Happy 69th Birthday to my Dad! Since he is thousands of kilometres away from me, and I can’t take a live photo of him, here’s one from his visit in August! Cheers Dad!

Yukon Quest

The Yukon Quest starts a week tomorrow!! There is a big entry this year, with 30 teams! There is a real snow shortage north of Whitehorse, so for part of the trail, they will need to pack up and have their handlers drive the team from Braeburn to Carmacks, to restart 12 hours later. It should be really interesting to see how this affects strategy this year!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to volunteer at our local checkpoint as I have the last 3 winters, because I get my fifth chemo dose next week and will probably not feel up to it. But Jeff has still volunteered for a couple of overnight shifts at the check point, another overnight shift at the vet shack, and he’ll help setup and sort the teams food bags sent ahead of them for safe and cold storage.

Here’s how to follow along on this epic, 1,000 mile, international sled dog race:

Once the race starts, you will find the live race trackers and standing on

Chemo Brain

I’ve heard about people using the “chemo brain” excuse, but holy jeez it is a true phenomenon. How else could I explain my inability to find words for a few days during each chemo round. It’s difficult to verbally recall or explain something. I pause and grasp for words like English is my second… or third language. I can’t remember how to spell words. I’ve even found myself banging my hand away on the wall in the dark, looking for a light switch, that has been on the other side of the door for as long as we’ve lived here. It can be really frustrating feeling so dumb!

Picc Line

I still hate this thing. I can shower now though! Got a great waterproof cover by mail from a seller on Etsy – see it here. But it is hard to get my arm comfortable at night, and basically it just still a colossal pain in my ass, getting in the way of everything, or just the itchiness of the adhesive, and fear of getting the line caught, or snagged. Should be out in less than 4 weeks though! And if it isn’t, I’ll yank it out myself. Kidding. Maybe.

That’s all for now!