We both came back from Holland with a terrible cold. I’ve had weeks of a cough and green filled gooey chest. But I’ve come through it! And I’m sure Jeff will stop coughing one of these days.

November has been very snowy here, and warmer than I remember for November (I was in Vancouver last November and missed it).

Even the government was totally sure the river wouldn’t freeze along town this year.

But it did! And maybe even a couple weeks early!

In fact after the ice chunks stopped, people were crossing within a week on foot, and now already by snowmobile.

I always say we never have snowstorms here, but we’ve been pretty close to it with wind and snow!

It even has been blowing into the hot tub area of the deck!

Even the flamingos are snowy!

Everything is starting to feel almost Christmasy early this year. I’ve already been to two Christmas bazaars and have several gifts already bought!

Jeff was away for a week, and I managed to stay on top of the survival of me and the pets, walking Hank often, keeping the wood stove going, carrying wood in, and shovelling snow a couple times a day. Although I admit to going to bed by 9pm a couple times!

We took a short hike last weekend in the snow. I was overdressed and couldn’t keep my glasses from fogging and freezing. I’m out of practise for winter hiking!

How shocking is it that Husky Hank is totally wild and crazy about the snow. Glad Jeff doesn’t mind holding the leash.

On Monday I thought we had seen the last of the sun when it tucked behind the hill at 3:15pm, but it was spotted again briefly yesterday so it isn’t gone just yet!

It’s been so snowy though, the plane hasn’t been able to land or leave 4-5 times this week. I’m heading out next Saturday to visit my new niece, so here’s hoping for some cold and clear weather!

Not much else new here. Hank is still the boss (he thinks).

Jeff is out snowmobiling with the guys this afternoon and Hank and I are watching Christmas movies.