Nope. Don’t do it.

I don’t recommend.

After you fill up your hot tub with fresh water, wait until it reaches your desired temperature. Is it March in Dawson City? Yeah, wait for 103F.

I jumped up in 84F.

And knew I made a big mistake.

Usually you are so super heated afterwards, getting out and walking to the house is a breeze.

Once you submerge at only 84F, even letting a knee or a toe out of the water is not …. nice.

I sat in a fetal position, submerged to my chin, and rode it out until 90F.

Then, I bravely emerged, skipped the towels all together, grabbed my robe and shook and shivered trying to get the zipper in place.

My glasses barely fogged as I shook them back onto my face. Teeth chattering, I closed the lid on the “hot” tub, and did the slippery when wet dance in my soggy crocs back through the snow to the house.

I’m going to wait until tomorrow to try that again.

Jeff said to “get away” and “you are making a big wet spot in the bed”.

So be it. Here I am safe. Here I rewarm.