Here are some random photos from the last week. We had some terrific puddles for a bit, well flooding really, before the storm sewer pipes were steamed and thawed and opened for business. This intersection was completely under water for a couple of days after this photo (almost twice as much water as when I took these pics).

As the ice melts on gravel streets, sometimes you think the ice is gone, but there is another layer under some gravel that was spread throughout the winter.

After the ice melts, parts of the street sound hollow as you walk, like you’re tapping the bottom of a fresh loaf of homemade bread. Probably more pockets of ice and water underneath.

I’ve continued to walk most days, usually in the afternoon. It feels so good to take a longer walk. Over 60 minutes feels exhilarating. Although my ankles and achilles tendons are still working on catching up to all this walking. I’m hoping to get up to 2 hours a day soon. Why not? I have nothing else to do!

The territorial highway’s department officially closed the ice road that goes across the river. But that doesn’t stop anyone from driving on it anyway. A few weeks ago it was measured as having 5 feet of ice, but there is so much slush and water on top of it now.

Beside the ice road is a track for people to rip around in their beat up old cars. I always wondered how they went so fast. Well look at the studs they use on their tires!!

Snow removal is continuing every day still, to prevent more flooding. It hasn’t been super warm though, so while the thaw seems quick, it is being slowed by the mediocre weather. We’re back to below freezing temperatures over night, which leave the wet wooden deck real slick!

Work has begun on the ferry already. The ferry crew usually starts maintenance a month ahead of time, and they’ll likely get a fresh coat of paint on the ferry before the ferry launches, usually in the second half of May after all the ice is gone.

Along 5th Ave, there are nice grooves dug to keep the water moving to the next open sewer drain. In some places there are pumps and hoses too.

Jeff did a great job shoveling off the back deck! It’s that time of year though when everything is gross and ugly looking. Everything is dirty snow, or mud, or dog poop, all over town.

I’ve been hot tubbing most days still, lately soaking without the jets on, just listening to podcasts and relaxing.

Yesterday I drove up to the Dome to check out the river from above. It has water open in a couple places, and some overflow, but at the time I thought it would still be May before we’d see the river go out.

Today though, there is much more water on the river, as you can see on . And someone spotted a seagull today! That is usually a sign that open water is imminent. Surely it’ll still be a couple of week before the river breaks though?

Today it was drizzling during my entire walk. Just a total blah day. But I didn’t walk too far yesterday, and I watched an old movie that made me weepy (or soaking my shirt bawling) at the end of it (I’ve even seen it before!), so I put on my hikers and went out.

I’m getting faster and faster, doing my loop around town in just 65 minutes today. I’ll need a longer route!

The trail is still a no-go, too much soft snow, so I stuck on the perimeter streets around the edge of town.

Look at the muddy street! I love these high cut Oboz hikers. Waterproof too!

There is a long channel of water along the shore today, but the ice road is still being used, by pickup trucks, all terrain vehicles, and pedestrians.

Most of the upper dyke, where we usually walk along the river, has too much slushy snow for easy walking, so I stayed on Front street today, likely why my walk was so quick, now that I think of it!

Not too much else new here. Pandemic goes on. The shock of the mass slaughter of Nova Scotians by a deranged man is still too fresh. I hope you’re all doing as well as you can.