Last night Hank and I decided to take you on our walk.

Usually when I take Hank on a brisk walk, I walk us down the middle of the road so he can’t stop and sniff everything and eat grass. Last night we did a slower walk so he could sniff whatever he wanted, pee on whatever he wanted, and I took pictures.

We can do the outside perimeter of town in 66 minutes now. It’s roughly 4.8 km, well 4.7 km now that crazy german shepherd chased us on 8th so we skip that block now. This time we walked so slow it took 75 minutes and only 19 minutes of it counted towards my exercise ring!

6:29pm – time to depart! Turn on my watch to track us. It is 10 degrees C out. Cool enough for a t-shirt under my sweatshirt, not cool enough for a jacket.

Heading out the back lane.

Sorry, when Hank leads, you get to see a lot of husky bum hole. Just the way it is.

This cutie barks ferociously at us, but if you stop and say hi, she’s sweet.

Hank looking both ways before crossing the street.

Great artwork on this shed.

Oh, look away, Hank’s gotta poop.

If you are wondering why the leash is usually tucked under a front leg, he pulls way less when pulling tugs his head and neck downwards. He is strong enough to pull me right to the ground, so any trick helps.

Oh! Jogger approaching from our rear! Let’s pull over Hank…

OOOO a stick!

Hank was mesmerized by an RCMP officer locking up a shed door.


Wasn’t that fun!?

Here’s our route around town.