I thought the hot weather was over, but no! After a few days of cooler temperatures and some rain, it’s back! And it’s glorious!

Turns out hot weather without humidity is pretty nice, especially when it cools off in the early hours of the morning – down to 10 or 11C.

Yesterday after work, despite it being 31C, we thought – why not go get a truck load of firewood?

So we grabbed some water, Gatorade, and I made a peanut butter and cheese slice sandwich (my go to bush snack) and headed out for wood.

We drive way up in the hills for this firewood area, and once we got up there we spotted a fire off towards the mountains. It wasn’t too big – possibly new? Although we didn’t have any lightning. We were all turned around with our directions and weren’t too sure where it is, but I was thinking maybe around the Dempster corner, since I could see the line of mountains behind it.

This was just before 6pm. We found our spot, a bunch of dead trees, and started work – Jeff on the chainsaw, me on the Sandvik lobbing off the branches and dragging the logs to the truck.

Then I noticed a smoke plume in the other direction too. Smoke plumes look a bit like a thunderhead cloud, but there wasn’t another cloud in the sky and it was just too dense and quickly growing.

It was HOT, but there was a decent breeze so it was okay. The ground was so dry that just stepping on some dry moss gave off a cloud of dusty and pollen. Crunchy and crispy.

We cut for a couple of hours and were pretty pleased with how full the truck got!

At 7:45pm we started heading back to town. The fire was looking quite a bit bigger.

As we headed back to town in Hunker, it seemed we were driving right to the fire.

We were under the smoke for a long way and when we hit the highway at 8:35pm we could see it to the right, not that terribly far from the airport.

By then, we had cell signal and found out it was the Coal Creek or Upper Rock Creek fire and it had kicked up again. It has been burning since July 21 but hadn’t been too active lately.

The Yukon Protective Services branch of the territorial government is great with updates on social media. We had this update once we got a signal:

By the time we took Hank for a walk at 10pm, it looked like a thunderstorm over the east side of town, over the hill, but it is all smoke.

Friends out in Henderson Corner had ash falling on them all night. Today is going to be 27C with a chance of a thunderstorm so we’ll see how it goes! They aren’t fighting this fire at all, because it is in a wilderness zone. The smoke was getting to my lungs last night, but isn’t so bad yet this morning.

I saw a friend post a picture of the fire she took last night from the dome behind town where the fire tower is:

Here’s the view they had out in Henderson, south of town, last night:

Here’s to a less smoky day today! Although my 8am view of that orange sun looks a bit ominous!