When we got back from Ontario, fall was in full effect in the Yukon and I was worried we wouldn’t get up the Dempster to see the colours because it’s been raining every day!

But today, Labour Day, the rain calmed down and there was a potential of sunshine, so we decided to go for a hike in Tombstone Territorial Park.

The Dempster was a muddy mess, and my truck got kinda dirty, but look at that view!

I have not been hiking in years, other than on the 9th ave trail around town. But now that I’m over 40 lbs down in the last 6 months, I’m feeling a bit invincible. OK, not at all, but I’m feeling ready to hike! We picked the easiest one probably. Goldensides is 2 kilometres in, mostly uphill, and another 2 km back out. Easy peasy. Of course I made every rookie mistake so I might as well fess up.

  1. “It’s only 4 km, I don’t need a backpack”.
  2. “This camera is so heavy on my neck.” “Too bad my backpack has that nice clip to take the weight off my neck.”
  3. “I’m kinda thirsty.” See #1.
  4. “It was freezing this morning. I’ve got so many clothes on, I’m set!”
  5. “OMG I’m so hot and sweaty. If only I could shed some layers and have somewhere to put them.” See #1.
  6. “I’m so cool, tracking this hike on my Apple Watch.” “Oh FFS, why did I press pause when we stopped for a bit 20 minutes ago”.

For more information about this hike, you can view it on the Yukon Hiking site. After seeing how lovely their associated book by our friend Tina the other day, I bought a copy too, hoping I’ll do more Yukon hikes. Hikes are different in the Yukon. This one is probably the best trail. Usually none are marked or maintained. Remote, rugged, and fend for yourself. The Yukon way! Just be sure to bring your bear spray and a GPS!

This hike is just north of the campground, just past the lookout where we always stop. You can see that same view in the distance here. You drive up a bit of a road and park at the microwave tower.

The iPhone and my good Nikon camera sure take different shots. Above was the iPhone. Below are from my Nikon.

Here’s me, wearing too many layers, already took off my toque and started unzipping.

I have a feeling my Dad wishes he was up this year for a fall trip up the Dempster with his camera. Maybe next year!

Lots of the red leaves are already off of the shrubs, but there was some ground vegetation still around in spots that was red:

You could see the Dempster heading south from up here, down near the campground and Interpretive Centre.

The clouds were kinda magical. I kept taking pictures of the same view because the clouds and sun and shadows kept changing.

Jeff and Hank were usually way ahead of me. I was puttering along taking pictures and trying not to sweat too much.

Look at my guys! What a shot!

And in this one, Jeff is begging Hank not to pull him off the edge, I’m pretty sure.

A bonus of slightly smaller hips – I can tie my jacket around my waist again. YAY!

Except up here, it was pretty cold and windy!

This is the end of the hike, well the mid-point, when you need to turn around. Amazing view!

Time to head back!

We met a bunch of hikers heading up while we were walking out. Hank eagerly wanted to maul them all. He had so much fun!

In fact, Hank found the one tree along the way, and wrapped the leash around it:

On the way back to town, I had to stop at that little beaver pond south of the Interpretive Centre. Always great view!

Overall, great hike and afternoon. Had to pressure wash mud and gravel off my truck, but it was due for a bath!