Today was a statutory holiday, so even though it didn’t get above -20C, I couldn’t miss the chance to be outside during the limited sunlight hours. I went for a hike up on the 9th Ave Trail for the first time in months.

No idea why I never hike this trail in the summer – bugs? more people? bears? mosquitos? mud? I don’t know, but it is such a beautiful walk in the winter.

Gotta say that my stronger legs and lesser body weight make the hills even that much more pleasant.

We don’t have that much snow, but enough now to cover all the ice we got a few weeks ago making the trail super nice to walk right now.

Since it is mid-November, the sun isn’t very high in our sky, so parts of the trail were all in the shade. Another couple of weeks and the sun won’t hit town at all.

I couldn’t keep the frost off my glasses and eventually gave up and tucked my glasses into my pocket.

I could never do up my snow pants properly, probably since the day I bought them back in Nova Scotia, and just rely on the suspenders I clipped on. Now I can do them up even with my hoodie tucked into them! Woo hoo!

The river isn’t frozen yet, but there sure is a lot of slush in it. Shouldn’t be too long now.

While I was hiking, Jeff and Hank went to see the vet for his rabies shot and check-up. He is in perfect health, and is 64 pounds now at 4 years old.

The trail was pretty quiet. I only met a couple people.

^ That picture is at 3:42pm on my walk back, to give you a sense of the height of the sun. The super super bright sun!