It’s been a quiet and uneventful Christmas here in the Schuyler household in Dawson City. Actually in most of the entire town really.

Most of our stores close for a few days for the holidays, and our bar/restaurants all did too this year. Traditionally it was a time for the young servers and wait staff to head home and overseas to see their families, but this year felt more like a rest. A week or two of no masks, vaccine QR code scans, cleaning and spacing protocols – who blames them. Some are still struggling to retain even the minimal amount of staff. The only thing left open was our town’s beloved Pit, a run down old bar that is a living room for many. A surge of covid cases hit town just before Christmas and by the 29th even The Pit (Westminster Hotel) was closed too after exposures to the virus.

We had a big turkey dinner for just the two of us. And many calls and texts with our families back home:

Ack why didn’t I screenshot a pic during our call with Brian’s family too!? I got Jeff’s family on Jeff’s iPad even ^ .

Our neighbours surprised us on Christmas eve with a plate of Christmas baking! If only I could tell my picky childhood self how good mincemeat tarts are.

I gave Jeff some great gifts this year, especially these Denver Bronco pyjamas!

It was definitely the year of supply shortages, but I found a few other great gifts for him, like a cover for his new generator, and travel bone saw (who doesn’t need one of those?)

Jeff got me a really nice new toque and a gingerbread candle From a Cabin Up North that I follow on Instagram!

He also got me an Ancestry DNA kit. I’ve already done 23andMe years ago, but I keep picking away at my family tree on and now maintain the Verkley family tree, so I thought it would be fun to do Ancestry’s DNA testing too to match everyone up.

My dinner rolls overflowed the beater bowl again. I should remember this one year when I try to recall why I don’t let the dough rise in this bowl.

But they were still excellent!

And I got so lucky, running out of white sugar on Christmas day, with just enough for the buns and pumpkin pies!

We haven’t had much snow this fall, but it came now! It started snowing on Christmas and just kept coming. We got about 14 fresh inches, and then another round on the 28th with a few more inches.

It overlapped nicely when everything was closed for the holidays so the streets weren’t plowed for a couple days. No better time to just stay at home and chill out. Except for Hank’s walk. Can’t skip that. Ever.

I shovelled the sidewalk on the morning of the 27th:

And then the plow went by and we got another dump so I shovelled it again. The absurd piece of sidewalk/boardwalk that is only 4 houses long. Look at the pile of snow sitting on the barbecue! (which is inconveniently blocking access to our current wood pile).

I got my Moderna covid booster on the 29th to be the most prepared I could be for my trip to Ontario in January to meet my new little nephew Jordan. The next 36 hours were terrible. I had a fever and hurt so much every where. Totally miserable and whiny. I had worked out the day before, a super hard core and arm day, and somehow that booster shot amplified the after effects of the work out too. Everything hurt so bad. I didn’t want to take Advil for fear it would somehow minimize the benefits but I caved by the second night. Last night the fever broke and I sweat all night. And now my lymph nodes are huge. I’m all in favour of the vaccine, but did I really just give myself a 36 hour flu to prevent a cold?

Mom posted this picture on Facebook that her cousin sent her the other day. Aren’t we cute!?