It’s been super cold here for days… weeks?

Since we moved here, I wanted to experience -50°C. We’ve gotten close before, but not until this last week could I truly say that I’ve experienced -50°C.

And now I have, a few times! And the real -50°C, not that southerner “windchill” nonsense.

After the first bout, it warmed up to -36°C a couple of nights ago, so I took my chance to use the hot tub before it got super cold again. Not that I can’t use it at -50, but that’s going to make the moment between the robe and the tub super thrilling.

Today I told some friends and family that I’d make a video for them of -50. So I suited up and turned on my phone. Here’s my video. (I’m holding it the amateur up and down way because it is easier to hold in my mittens this way).

And here is Jeff taking pictures of me making this video:

After shooting the video, since I was already suited up, I took Hank for a short walk. He doesn’t mind the cold that much, but he is getting pretty good at pooping during his first squat, rather than his usual dilly-dallying, so he must know it is cold.

Overall, this cold stretch has been a breeze. I work from home. We have lots of food. I really don’t have to go anywhere. Jeff has been to work some days but he is working home half the time too now with the increasing covid cases in town. But he runs any errands we need when he’s out, and he does most of the dog walking. And fire wood fetching. Pretty much Jeff does the work in the cold, and I keep the fire going.

A million things could go terribly wrong in this cold, but (knocks on wood), so far so good! The woodstove keeps us warm. We moved all the water pipes inside and warm a few years ago. We’re remembering to run the water in the tub to keep that drain from freezing. Last night we even both re-fed the fire during the night so we didn’t need to rely on the oil heater.

On our local community Facebook group, people are offering errands and battery boosts if they have their car running. We are so fortunate to have a heated garage.

We’ve got another -51C forecast for tonight, but then it gets back to just cold and not as deadly:

The sun rose at 11:59am this morning. The days are getting longer!