I usually prefer my warm bed when it is the middle of the night and the northern lights are out. I guess I just take them for granted.

But when I saw how wild and playful they were in the sky when I got up for a pee, I said, what the heck, time to gear up.

I put on clothes, snow pants, parka, mukluks, dug out my camera, camera remote cord (for long exposures), and tripod.

I haven’t used my camera for the northern lights in a couple of years, but I fiddled with the settings, tried to remember how everything worked, and then had to figure out where I was going to go.

The smart thing would be to get in my truck and go out of town. Then I’d have ice fog free sky. And nice scenery.

But it is -37C and the middle of the night. I decided to just walk a block up to Robert Service’s cabin and take some shots there.

It wasn’t more than 10 minutes before the tripod was totally seized and frozen, the cord for the remote was stiff, but I felt oddly warm! So I stood out there for about an hour, looking at the lights in every direction. Here are a few I just pulled off my thawing camera card. If you click on one, you can scroll through them at a larger size.

By the end, around 3am, the lights were getting SO bright, but my fingers and toes were getting so frozen, so I packed it in.

None of these are touched up, because I’m going to bed. 😁 I’ll check the camera card in the morning to see if there were any other nice ones and update this post at a more reasonable hour. Good night!