You can’t get here right now, well unless you are already in Alaska and come over from Chicken.

The Alaskan Highway was washed out in northern British Columbia on Friday, leaving just a 23 hr detour around using the Stewart-Cassiar highway.

The washed out route is how we get our mail and groceries and all other supplies heading up here.

And as of last night, the Klondike highway is closed between Stewart Crossing and Pelly Crossing. One of the fires there is near the highway, smoking out the highway. That fire is over 1,500 hectares already.

Half of the Robert Campbell highway has been closed for most of a week due to fire. An area near Keno was evacuated yesterday morning because of the fires we saw while leaving town.

Last evening another thunderstorm went through and shortly after a helicopter was dipping a bucket in the river to try to douse a new fire across the river.

This will be an exciting week for tourists! There will be many of them stuck in British Columbia on their way up here, and surely some stuck south of Pelly.

Good thing we’ve got a well stocked pantry and freezer.

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