Fall feels like it came really early this year. The fireweed is about done. The weather is cold. The rainy season is here. The mosquitos are buzzing off. It’s going down to +2C for the next couple of nights. I’d already had my electric heater on in my office.

The summer was over in a blink! Here’s hoping it makes a bit of a return before winter.

I figured I was long overdue in wandering town with my camera for you.

Including one shot from the porch:

Our poor museum, all wrapped up for maintenance, but getting a new roof! Still open though for guests!

I love this one!

The old wives tale is there are 6 weeks until winter when the top (last) of the fireweed flowers finish. This is about the last of the fireweed flowers in town.

I may have been eating a couple scoops of ice cream during this wander. One scoop of blueberry cheesecake and one scoop of rum and raisin!

Caveman Bill biked by while I was trying to photograph a raven eating an apple core.

The school is getting an external addition with new classrooms.