We just barely got our firewood in time, but we did! Jeff finished the final load off while I was away, and got the rest of it stacked and covered by tarps.

Because of all the energy spent on acquiring firewood, I didn’t have a chance to cut down my plants and put away my planters! OK, okay, I did have chances! But they were still blooming when I went to Denver! I couldn’t murder flowers!

Now that we’ve had some serious cold (-18C / 0 F) in the last week, my flowers are pretty dead and sad now. But I don’t want cold wet fingers! I guess I’m really confessing that I’m just procrastinating. I’ve got to get them put away and off the deck for easier snow shovelling!

Because we went so quickly from a rainy fall into winter, the water is still seeping (and in some places pouring) off the hillside, resulting in glaciers and puddles on many streets.

Gravel has already been spread to help with the ice and traction.

I don’t have my snow tires on yet!

I bought this super lightweight down puffy jacket in Anchorage at REI this summer, and it is super warm! And really easy to pack small when travelling.

These photos are from the last few days during Hank’s evening walk.

The Klondike River is throwing lots of ice slush and chunks into the Yukon River.

Each day it is more frozen. The ferry is getting pulled this week for the season, cutting off everyone who lives across the river until the river is solid enough to walk and drive across.

Oddly enough, some people were still canoeing the Yukon River a couple evenings ago? This seems crazy to me.

Since I missed Canada’s Thanksgiving while I was in Denver, Jeff waited for me and we had it this weekend!

No Thanksgiving could be complete without pumpkin pies! One for each of us! HA!

Well, and a turkey! And dressing. Homemade cranberry sauce with wild Yukon cranberries. Potatoes. Carrots. Gravy.

Today we heard Bonanza River was blocked and diverted itself through the gas station parking lot south of town!

Can you see all the river water that filled the campground?

I hear it is getting worse now! Never a dull day around here!

After looking at the forecast for the rest of the week, today’s warmer temperatures aren’t going to last, so I just took a break from drafting this blog post and went and did my chores, turning this:

into this!

Look at the fog on tonight’s walk!