About 10 days ago I walked around Dawson City on a beautiful spring day and made a little video. Have a watch:

One afternoon I even went for a walk without a coat! No mittens! Just a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes!

And then winter came back.

It’s been snowing for days.

Back to my coat. Winter hat with ear flaps. Fleece neck gaiter.

I caught a rare cold (can’t remember the last time I had a cold) and spent an entire weekend ignoring the snow and just binging YouTube. My newest favourite channels are:

  • Quarter Hoarder – This is a group of guys who metal detect in the USA. They’ll get permission to swing their detectors in farmer’s fields and find old coins from a hundred or even three hundred years ago! They are so fun and enthusiastic. I have a real treasure-hunting itch that I really need to start scratching again. Watch for my metal detector to make a comeback this year! I’d love to watch this channel with my nephew Easton! He’s got a detector now and we need to go find some treasure together!
  • Taylor the Nahamsha Hiker – I’m watching Taylor hike the Appalachian Trail for her second time. She is so enjoyable to tag along with because she’s happy, smiley, positive, kind, nice – all the features I value most in a person! Taylor posts once a day (on a delay).
  • Hiking with the Codgers – These retired gentlemen are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) right now, despite all the snow in California! They are enjoyable to watch and also post once a day.
  • Wild Wild West – Sometimes you just have to take a trip across America in a transport truck! I enjoy following Jax, a rancher and trucker. Not only is he a happy, positive, kinda guy – he’s quirky! – another valuable trait! I learn about the trucker way of life and the jobs on a Montana cattle ranch. I’ve watched him haul cattle, volcanic landscaping rock, various grain meals, apples, and even a big porta-potty building. I enjoy getting a new perspective of the road, from a trucker’s point of view. And one of his trucks is a Ford CL9000 cab over – isn’t that the truck we had on the farms for awhile Dad? Or am I way off? Jax also has a podcast with his brother and sometimes their Dad that I enjoy listening to. It’s now on YouTube in a video format too.

While we sit inside waiting for spring to come back, the highlight of my day is getting photos of my two youngest niece and nephew and video chatting with them whenever possible. Look how cute they are!!

Looks like little Jordan’s personality is developing! I need a visit in person soon!

Later today (Wednesday) the Triple J restaurant is opening for the season!!! Thank goodness it looks like spring may return this afternoon! We’re hoping to get a table. Along with most of town probably!

And I’m glad spring is returning because I stopped shovelling the back deck and the snow was getting deep back there! This forecast looks nice – above freezing at night by next week!

Every spring we place our bets on the minute the river will break up. The latest date I picked this year was May 6. I can’t see it happening by May 6. But you never know! The sun can be pretty warm this time of year.

Despite the return of the snow, the territory closed the official ice bridge over the river last week when it was getting pretty slushy and chewed up. Here’s a little YouTube short video I made of the ice crossing in the hour before it closed last week:

Hard to believe there is a mighty river under there!

Now having that ice bridge declared “closed” just means it is no longer an official road. West Dawson residents will keep crossing by car, truck, all-terrain vehicle, and then just by foot until it melts away and the river takes over.

We’ve got a lot of plans for this summer and sometimes waiting is hard. But it’ll all be worth it! Jeff’s most eager about his boat being shipped up here next week. I’m eager to camp and hike and soak up the sun. I have plenty of adventures planned that I’ll try videoing this year. Jeff’s got the batteries back in our quads too and we’re ready to ride!