The New Camera is HERE!

Waiting for my new camera occupied a lot of my time. Seriously. There is nothing like tracking a UPS parcel on their online parcel tracking system. It looked like it was coming directly to me, only to make a large detour west. But I got lucky, my camera was here within a week from placing my order.

I bought the new Kodak EasyShare Z740 bundled with the Kodak Easyshare Printer Dock 3. Now I have never used a digital camera. Everyone around me has one, but I just had never made the move to buy one. Once I decided that I MUST have one, it was fun to narrow down the selection to the one that I wanted.

The reason I picked the Z740 was mainly for its 10x optical zoom. I had seen many of my friend’s photos from smaller point and shoot digital camera and so many of them looked like they could have benefited from more zoom.

Once I picked the camera I wanted, the waiting game began! Why? Because the Kodak Easyshare Z740 wasn’t even released yet!

Daily I tracked different websites waiting for its release and to watch for any product reviews. One of my favorite digital photo forums that I tracked was Digital Photography Review. They have excellent forums for dicussion of all digital camera and digital photography in general.

Finally when my camera was released for purchase, I couldn’t find it in stores in Canada anywhere! I finally found one overpriced one, but none of the major electronic department stores carried it, so I caved and purchased it from a camera store in New York city for a reasonable price. I must say it is difficult to find a photo store in the USA that will ship to Canada for a reasonable price! I purchased my camera from B&H Photo Video. Excellent service and UPS’s Expedited delivery was super speedy, even if I did get dinged for an additional $85 duty (grrrrrr…)

Anyway, on to the photos!


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  1. Hi Monhib,

    I paided $469.95 US back in March. I see that Amazon has dropped the price of the bundle by $20 already. I knew prices would drop if I waited, but I just couldn’t wait! And I’m glad I didn’t! 🙂

    I bought a 256 meg card. Holds 157 (or close to that) photos at the full size.

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