My house came with a nice big Muskoka aka Adirondack chair and a picnic table. I came to see why they were left behind – there just wasn’t much life left in the them. By last fall they were totally rotten and I had to chop them up and my neighbour took them for firewood.

Now that the sun is shining and the snow is melting it is time for beers in the sun – and without a good deck chair – it just isn’t going to be the same!

I found some Muskoka chair kits last weekend – $40 each. They were pine and unfinished… and not assembled. Okay. I admit it, I had to call in back-up for the assembly. Ahhhh they are SO comfortable – they just might spend next winter in my living room and not stored in the garage!

Anyway, I finished them earlier this week with a Redwood colour waterproofing stain. Here is how they turned out:

deck chair

deck chair

The weather forecast is full of sun – I know where I’m spending my weekend!