The snow is almost gone, the temperature was at least 15 degrees Celcius out, it was time to take a venture out to our Retriever Club’s property to let the dogs run and swim today.

Of course my Kodak Easyshare Z740 came with us! There isn’t any plants growing out there yet so my Golden Retrievers blended in really well with dead grass so it really wasn’t a day for spectacular photography.

Here are a couple funny ones of Winger who moved at the last second as I took the shot.

Although I’ve been loving this early spring weather, it’s been so warm and dry, we really need rain. Our city already has a ban on outdoor fires, and with the last traces of snow leaving the bush, we are in for a spring fire ban if it doesn’t rain soon!

Here are a few more photos:

Golden Retrievers have a habit of bringing back half the outdoors with them. Their coats were so full of sticks and mud that I had to bath them. They are both curled up on their dog beds sleeping and shivering off the dampness.