And in this morning’s news…

“46-year-old Kenneth A. Kassab of the Michigan Sault was picked up early Tuesday morning.

Kassab, who appeared to be in a state of less-than-total sobriety, was found wandering in the 300 block of Elm Street, carrying around a dead skunk.

According to the newspaper, Kassab had been trying to resuscitate the smelly critter, which had been fatally struck by a vehicle.”


::And here is a good one for those who are afraid of going to the dentist. Imagine this!!

There was a massive power outage in Thunder Bay, Ontario yesterday afternoon.

The problem cut off electricity to homes, offices, and street lights for about fourty minutes just after three o’clock in the afternoon. This caused major headaches for everyone but the lights going out can sometimes be more scary for some people than for others. Several dentists at Grandview Family Dental had to continue procedures using flashlights.



::Tree-planting women are tough I tell ya!!! A planter near Upsula, Ontario fought off a bear, and then shook off the injuries and didn’t want medical attention!

“The attack occurred on Peter Finger Road, 15 km North of Upsala. A 25 year old Thunder Bay woman, who was tree planting in the area, was walking down a gravel road when she saw a black bear about 15 yards from her. According to O.P.P Constable Tim Buckland, the bear began snorting and scratching in the dirt and then charged at the victim, knocking her to the ground. Buckland says she continued to fight the bear through multiple attacks.

The woman was bruised and visibly shaken but did not seek medical attention. The MNR is continuing to investigate.”


Good thing I had my furr-ocious Golden Retriever Winger with me when I tree-planted! I’m sure he scared away all the bears!