PaydayReally, it’s just meant to be!

I’ve played the new Payday lottery since the beginning!! (So, like, 4 weeks now) I’ve won every week!! Twice I won $2, and twice I won a free ticket ($3). Not bad eh?

I love this lottery. You only need to match 4 numbers. And the odds are just in my favour. I mean the odds of winning the grand prize, of $1000 a week for LIFE, is only 1 in 1,353,275. So really, if I play every week for 1,353,275 weeks, odds are, that I will win! YEAH!

The catch, or so the rumour has it, is that this is an annuity prize, so you have to pay tax on it, but it’s still more than my day job brings in!

So, please, don’t play, save all the winning numbers for me, and wish me luck!