It was a beautiful day today. Sat in the sun with a tank top on for 30 minutes. Got nicely burned. Funny how when areas of your skin see sun for the first time in a couple years, they have a tendancy to fry. At least I didn’t linger in the sun for too long.

Tried a new vodka cooler today – Seagram’s Wildberry Cream Swirl. Wow! I had to stop myself, drank two in a flash, they are sooo yummy. I recently rediscovered vodka coolers. I overdid Vodka won night in University, and would promptly vomit every time I tried to drink it after that. I guess ten years have cured that, because I seem to be good to go!

I watched The Notebook again today. I’ve seen the movie and read the book before, still cried as much as the other 2 times. Love the story though. The first time I saw it in the theatre and I cried my eyes out, continued to cry on the way home, right into a RIDE program! I don’t know why my wet red eyes didn’t earn me a breathalyzer test!

I did a nice thing for a colleague today, allowing him to use my scanner, and he insisted on paying me $20. After a day in the sun, and the bit of drinking, I had a ravenous hunger on, so I decided to take myself out for dinner.

Eating out in a restaurant by one’s self is a brave thing to do. Not everyone has the ability (it’s spelled m-o-m). I tossed around a few ideas in my head, but settled on the deluxe pizza I tried with Dad at Presto’s. YUM YUM. Even though the mushrooms are canned (what is WITH this town), they put a thick coating of toppings on.

The trick to eating out by one’s self, is figuring out how to pass the time. Do you bring a book? Keep the menu to read? This was a family restaurant so there wasn’t any newspapers. Do you become engrossed in the weave of the table cloth? Balance your cheque book? Or do what I did and just eavesdrop on the action of the place. Watching the people come and go, listening to the loud race from the tv in the kitchen, listening to the waitresses banter, listening to how sore the navel of one of the waitress’ was from her recent piercing, listening to the delivery orders come in, the repetition of the evening’s dinner specials… Beats the hell out of a drive thru take-out 🙂