Better than winning the lottery, I got my dog back today.

Last night, Winger, my 11.5 year old Golden Retriever had to have emergency surgery. He has had this large lump on his head for quite some time, but last night it started bleeding and wouldn’t stop.

We went to the emergency vet. He wasn’t able to stop the bleeding either, so surgery was our only option to stop the bleeding. Anaesthetic is risky for an older dog, so needless to say, saying good-bye to him when I left him at the vets left me in tears. Driving home bawling, and covered in blood.. Probably didn’t look so good!

I was able to pick up Winger this morning and he is doing really well. He has an incision on the back of his head – close to 4 inches long. It is stitched up internally, and externally.

If you would like to see his stitches, look at these photos:


We just went to the pet store. I was wondering if Winger was going to need a cone for head to protect his stitches, and he answered my question by scratching his head. So now he is a cone head!