My brother Brian and his wife Leanne came up for the Canada Day long weekend. We had a weekend full of fun and entertainment.


We went to see the fireworks at the waterfront on Friday night. Saturday was the annual Tugboat races. We had assumed they’d go on all day, but when we got there, they were all parked in the marina! Apparently the tugboats are SO fast that we missed all the races! Luckily the night before we saw them parade up and down the river.

So with no race to watch, we let ourselves be entertained by the cutest little ducklings.


After soaking up the sun a bit, we relocated to the Holiday Inn patio for a few cold ones!


Last night we went to see “The Longest Yard”. I really enjoyed it. Lots of laughs!

Brian and Leanne left this morning. Zeus was sad to see them go. He curled up in their suitcase for awhile, and then found comfort in Brian’s sandal.