wingerYou tell the blogosphere your dog has cancer, and everyone is too chicken to post a comment!

Well Winger is doing well. I’ve done lots of reading. I’ve read stories from people who have treated their dogs with radiation when not all of the mast cell tumor was removed, like Winger. Some of them send their dog away for 3 weeks to receive treatment. These tumors respond very well with radiation, but still some of these dogs had them regrow. I’m not taking this option. Winger is 11.5 and is healthy right now. Something is going to have to end his life. I don’t think expensive radiation, and who knows where they even do that up here, if anywhere, is worth it.

It’s assumed it will grow back. It might not too, but it probably will. We will just have to deal with what happens. Of course it’s going to rip my heart into pieces, as anyone who knows me, knows how attached I am to Winger, and vice versa. I know he can’t live forever, with or without mast cell cancer.

Mast cells are part of a normal immune system. They release chemicals into the body, including histamine. Some dogs with mast cell tumors begin taking benedryl everyday to ward off the allergic symptoms the tumors cause in their dogs. I believe I’ve been seeing this for a few months. Winger’s eyes have been secreting muscous for months, as if he’s really allergic to something in the air. I don’t think I’ll treat him with benedryl daily at this point yet. Winger has always been an itchy dog, always had problems with allergies and hotspots and skin problems. Interestingly enough, I came across this quote:

“There is some suggestion that mast cell tumor development may be associated with golden/red coat color and with chronic immune over-stimulation that occurs in dogs with allergies or other inflammatory conditions.” (source)

Wish I read that before! I would have tested the lump on his head when it was little! It would have been far easier to remove with clean margins! Can anyone remember how long Winger’s had that bump on his head? It was little before – I’m thinking at least a year, maybe 2? Anyone?

So what else is going on here…. I took today off. It’s been a draining week, didn’t get lots of sleep. It’s a sunny day, so I’m home. I brushed Surf and removed about 10 pounds of undercoat! Now she needs a bath. I cleaned the house a bit and now I think I’ll work on my big web project I’m excited to get up and running (and earning me money!!)

Have a good weekend!