War of the Worlds

We escaped the heat by going to see War of the Worlds this evening.

I liked it. I’m not much of a Tom Cruise fan, and as my brother warned me, he is not only in every scene, he’s in almost every SHOT! There are some really unrealistic twists in the movie, but I do admit to hiding my eyes a couple times. Okay I jumped a few times too.

It’s much cooler now. Well down to 27 or so. I kept the curtains and doors shut all day and it kept it quite reasonable in here. I can’t believe the heat waves we’ve been having. I hate it. My ideal summer is one where the temperature never goes over 24C. Do I have to move farther north? 🙂

Hey, anyone see my new favorite commercial? Makes me howl in laughter everytime I see it. It’s a McDonald’s commercial – with the dog – “don’t forget the ears!” HAHA I love it!


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