I’m 29.

My thinking framework is completely changing.

Things I used to be against, with every fibre of my being, are now looking appealing.

I used to make SO much fun of people who camped in a trailer. “It’s not camping unless you are in a tent!” I used to shout. Now I flirt with the idea of camping in a trailer. “It’s just because it’s easier with dogs”, I say. But is that really why?

Then there is the grass. It’s been over 30C for more days this summer than I can remember. Grass is dead everywhere. I’ve flirted with the idea of putting my sprinkler on to water my back yard. I even have a sprinkler. If I could find it, I’m quite confident I would have used it by now. What is happening to me??

AND THEN! Yesterday I bought the 3rd last air conditioner in town from Leon’s. A nice Whirlpool 5300 btu model. Oooooo baby I love it. It’s going to be 33C plus humidity for yet ANOTHER day in a row, and it’s forecast to be this way for the next 10 days. I just couldn’t do that to my dogs. I had to buy them an air conditioner. Yeah, that’s it. I bought it for my dogs. And oooooh man it’s nice to be spoiled. I slept with a blanket on, and you?