Hurricane DennisI hate CNN. Biased reporting, missing the big picture, repetitive, ridiculous. But on days like today, I just can’t peel myself away from it.

It’s hurricane season kiddos. That’s a fun time of the year for twisted Canadian’s like me. A time to sit around CNN, gathering with friends and family, to take gambles and bets on which reporter is the next to go.

I’ve even fallen asleep with the tv on during the last couple hurricane hits. It’s addictive coverage. When will that road sign finally give? When will the flooding reach the satellite truck? How waterproof is that jacket? I love it.

Nothing makes better reality TV that watching reporters trying to ride it out on the beach. Live coverage of category 4 hurricanes is very important to the well-being of their nation, so it’s understandable why they do it.

I’m lucky to live in Canada. I just can’t see myself ever living in the path of so many hurricanes. Although it’s a ridiculous 30 degrees Celcius here, with a forecasted 40C humidex this afternoon, I can comfortably pass the day away, hidden in my closed up house, watching Hurricane Dennis beat the pulp out of an abandoned Florida and Alabama coastline.

Thanks CNN.